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Percival/Charles Isherwood Banks
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Charles Isherwood Harrow-Banks, AKA Percival, is in his early mid forties and has been with the Kingsman for over twenty years. He joined the Kingsman on his uncle Percy Isherwood (Gawain)'s nomination in 1993. He was married to James Harrow, the previous Lancelot, from 1999-2014, until James was killed in action. The current Lancelot, Roxanne Morton, was Charles's protégée.

To the world outside of Kingsman, Charles is a research physicist for the British government. He will, on occasion, write articles in relation to his interest in physics, and has made some friends and associates at various installations worldwide.

Charles Banks is a character of my own creation, based on the character of Percival from the movie Kingsman. The model I am using is the amazing James D'Arcy. The majority of the icons come from Agent Carter, which is equally amazing. No money is being made from this and Mr. D'Arcy owns himself (obviously. :D). Profile gif by

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