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Agent Tracking: Percival (and on some occasions Arthur)

Kingsman AU where Harry is still alive:

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with unwinner

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with mannermakethman

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with lancelotmorton

"My sun sets to rise again." - with bespokearmor

That's quite enough nonsense for today - with bespokearmor

Kingsman AU where Harry and James are still alive:

Total upheaval and still rubbish headlines - with gunsnglory

There was the rare occasion when Percy actually smiled - with gunsnglory

You don't see Bond doing paperwork - with gunsnglory

Break the bed. Any way possible - with gunsnglory (m/m, NSFW)

Fact: only the boring pick 'truth' - with gunsnglory

Fine, I admit it; I'm restless. - with lancelotmorton

Drunken Meme - with gunsnglory

The Crown. Every spy's favourite pub - with lancelotmorton

A blaze of glory sounds fun. - with gunsnglory

Kingsman AU where James never was killed, but returned back:

Percy looked ready to kill something - with gunsnglory

Kingsman AU where Percy became Arthur:

Percy looked ready to kill something - with thegoldeneggsy

Percy looked ready to kill something - with unwinner

Kingsman: please report to UK HQ - with unwinner and lancelotmorton

Kingsman AU where Charles became Arthur and is sleeping with unwinner:

Life never goes as its expected.

Arrives just as grief meeting finishes.

Some habits're harder t'kick than others.

I do what I want (m/m sex, NSFW)

I have an admission to make.

fiver says i can make u regret not being here rn

His Saturday evening was going perfectly fine,

[Screaming at the sky seemed appropriate.]

Quite drunkenly: "You - uh, y'wanna... snog?"

The colour is draining from Eggsy's face fast;

Kingsman AU where Charles is Arthur and dating a civilian (worksonpaper:

First Date

Second and Third Date

Kingsman general AUs:

Fight Club - with lancelotmorton

Kingsman/Agent Carter crossover:

Someone's snooping in your things. Whoops. - with agent_in_heels

Grail Quest AU:

In which Charles Isherwood Banks-Harrow is in actuality the reincarnation of Sir Percival, one of the knights of the Round Table.

(Sign reads: TAROT READ, SMALL FEE) with feralgodmother

Free drinks for conversation? [He smiles.] with shardofwinter

Working the lunch truck. You hungry? - with lucreceknife
Change is inevitable, but to what? - with shardofwinter

Sometimes even a girl with very old magic can still be surprised. - with magicdeception

We All Fall Down AU:

Disllusioned after the deaths of the two men he loved in this world, James Harrow and Harry Hart, and the betrayal of Chester King, Charles Isherwood Banks attempts to blow up the Kingsman manor shortly after V-Day and begins a life of vigilantism

"I told you: leave me alone." - with knightelyan

"I told you: leave me alone." - with unwinner

Immotalis AU:

Where the Kingsman is an agency composed of Immortals who inspired the myths of King Arthur and his Round Table. Charles Isherwood Banks is the current alias of the Immortal whose original name was Tiberius Gracchus.

"I'd say this is not what it looks like but that would be a lie..." - with really_oldguy

[Faintly glares.] That's enough for today. - with really_oldguy
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After months of trials, Charles was the final candidate left and thus earning himself a seat and the code name 'Percival.' The irony was not lost on him; now he was named for his great uncle, his mentor 'Gawain', Sir Percy Charles Isherwood, twice over. He was the youngest in their ranks--the closest to his age, 'Galahad' being eleven years his senior. It didn't help matters that he looked like a gawky youth who was not over the age of minority (he was actually twenty-two.)

The interior of the Kingsman tailor shop was warm and inviting, but still left him feeling a heavy weight in his chest. He had done the extraordinary, but it could have been a big mistake and from here on out he would show how abysmal of an agent he really was.

Thank You!

I wanted to say thank you to the players I have met over the nearly six months that I've been playing Charles. The threads and CR have been a delight. I've never gone so far to build a canon character from scratch (essentially making him an original) before. The deeper I dig, the more CR that's created, the more intrigued I am. Its these wonderful interactions that have made me enjoy the character all the more, whatever universe or version he is. Thank you for inspiring rp. :-)
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OOC/IC Permissions Post

CHARACTER NAME: Charles Isherwood Harrow-Banks
CHARACTER ALIASES: Agent Percival or Arthur depending on the universe
CHARACTER SERIES: Kingsman: The Secret Service

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
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Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes
Killing this character: No
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He's an open book and will ping to psychics as a low-level empath.


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Hello. You have reached the phone of Charles Banks. I am terribly sorry but I cannot answer your call at the moment. Please feel free to leave a message, or send me a text, and I will contact you at my earliest convenience. Thank you and have a pleasant day.
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